AEternitas 7 Companion Marble Urns

Companion urns are extremely popular among couples who want to share eternal rest together. These urns are specially sized to hold the ashes of two people, so it is possible to keep loved ones together even after death.

Aeternitas urns are some of the finest in the industry and resemble pieces of art found in fine museums. These types of urns date back centuries and come in a variety of styles and materials. Some of the most popular are made of pure stone so each one is unique. Marble and granite urns are smart choices because they are timeless materials. Each Aeternitas urn is polished and elegant in appearance.

The beauty of the natural stone is accented with aluminum, which brings a style that stands the test of time. Choose from Green Onyx Marble, a Bianco Carrera Marble, or if you prefer a companion urn in black there is a a Nero Absoloto Granite available.