Small Urns For Human Ashes

Death is part of life and everyone will eventually get there and when someone dies, people have a couple of options that they may want to consider: 1. You can bury him or her, or 2. You can cremate him or her. If we choose option 2, we will certainly need a container, known as urn, to put the remains in. Even though funeral homes or crematories provide a temporary box, they do not look nice at all and you may want to shop around to get the most beautiful urn you can get.

These containers come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some of them are just temporary boxes that will be used to keep the remains temporarily and then scatter those in a favorite place, the ocean, mountains, etc. Some of them are biodegradable urns and biodegradable keepsakes that will degrade in time when buried or sink into the ocean or a lake.

Most of the time, people have relatives and friends and some of them may want to get a little portion of the remains. So, what are small urns for human ashes? Exactly that. Small containers that will let us share the remains of a loved one or a friend, and just like the big adult urns, they come in different shapes, colors, materials, etc. The most common name for these containers is keepsakes, or cremation keepsakes.

So, keepsakes are small urns for human ashes.

Now, the small urns may also come as cremation jewelry. People have a dear one that passed away and they want to hold a little portion of remains next to them all the time, so they want to get a cremation jewelry that will do exactly that. People also sometime like to keep an eyelash or an eyebrow, etc.

When the time comes, the Funeral Home will do the job and fill the urn, keepsakes and or cremation jewelry with the remains of the deceased person. An average man will deliver between 170 to 210 cubic inches of remains, depending more than anything on the bone structure and height of the person. The small urns for human ashes, or keepsakes will take between 2 to 16 cubic inches and sometimes even more.

The cremation jewelry will take just a little, very little portion of the remains. So little that you do not want to even consider when it comes to figure out the size of the urn and keepsakes.

Sometimes people will scatter a bigger portion of the remains and will keep just a small portion in keepsakes or cremation jewelry. And sometimes they just want to keep everything together in one place, believing that when the resurrection time comes, all the remains have to be together, or for some other personal reason.

The truth is that in our world today we will find people with a lot of different beliefs and you never know what they will do when the time comes. One thing is for sure though, if they want to share the remains, they will need to get cremation keepsakes. To view the best selection of unique cremation urns available, visit our homepage at

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