Personalized Dog Urns

Our pets are most of the time very special to us, they become and are part of the family and they leave memories and footprints in our lives. And among those friends we have the dogs, and they come in different sizes, colors, breeds, etc., and no matter what, we just love them and they love us without restrictions.

But we all know that life is short, specially for our four legs friends, their life span is limited to twelve to seventeen or sometimes a little more. And the time comes when they are too tired, their bodies do not work well enough any more and they pass away. We are in tears, we grieve and suffer, but we need to do something about the remains, and most of the time people will cremate their dogs.

We want to have the best possible remembrance and we start looking for a dog urn, and we want to make it special, so we look for Personalized Dog Urns. Some of the ones we offer include footprints, or a picture frame to make it even more personal and special. He or she deserve to live in our memories forever.

So, is it easy to find Personalized Dog Urns? Yes, at we offer a big selection of dog urns and many of them have a customization, or personalization option and therefore we can have a personalized dog urn.

Dogs come in different sizes and we need to make sure that the remains that we receive from the crematorium will fit in this personalized dog urn. All the urns that we have for dogs and for pets at have the dimensions and most important, they have the capacity in cubic inches or the weight of the pet. Make sure that when you are looking for that special urn you verify the capacity. In most cases a personalized or customized dog urn cannot be returned. The reason is exactly that, it has been personalized and nobody else will be able to use it. Has the name, the dates and sometime even a sentiment.

A dog urn can be found in solid brass, wood, synthetic materials, marble, etc.Not all of those can be personalized, so you have to make sure that you find the right one. In some cases when it cannot be personalized, we offer a nameplate or a medallion that will go around or on the dog urn with the information you want.

Prices range from a very inexpensive affordable urn, to urns that are made of marble with metal accessories and become more expensive. But, your best friend deserves to have a great remembrance, and at we will help you find the right dog urn at the right price, and in this case, a dog urn that can be personalized.

So, can we find personalized dog urns? Certainly yes, in many different shapes, sizes and colors. When the time comes we are here to help and we are eager to help you find the best one for your beloved dog.

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