Personalized Angel Cremation Urns

When we talk about Angels and cremation, we believe that these terms must be somehow related. So, let’s start talking about what an Angel is: according to an internet dictionary, an Angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe. We also found in Wikipedia that: “An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. Abrahamic religions often depict angels as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God and humanity. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out tasks on behalf of God”

What does that have to do with cremation? Well, cremation will occur when someone died and of course when dead happens, people who believe in God will look for an urn that has a cross, the bible or any other symbol of the presence of God. And that is why we offer a Personalized Angel Cremation Urns. The presence of God becomes very important when we suffer and therefore we look for him when we mourn.

We believe that an Angel on the urn or an urn in the shape of an Angel will protect or cover the person who is in it, or will remind us that he or she is at the presence of God almighty in heaven.

Therefore Angels and cremation are related terms, because for believers and Angel is a messenger of God, and at we offer a selection of urns and keepsakes that have an Angel or are in the shape of an Angel. Not only that, we offer Personalized Angel Cremation Urns.

More and more people are looking to have a special urn for that special beloved one, and manufacturers and resellers are offering more and more urns and keepsakes that can be personalized. Why is that people like to personalize an urn? We have all the time cases where the deceased was a Fireman or served the Military, or worked as a paramedic, and of course the relatives want to remember who he or she was and the personalization adds a special note to the remembrance.

If we offer an urn or urns that have an Angel, we also offer the personalization option for it. One of our best sellers is exactly that, an urn in the shape of an Angel in mourning that may be personalized, and not only that, it also comes in the keepsake version if you want or need to share remains with family or friends. Add the name of the deceased, a sentiment and or the date of birth and the date he or she died.

We also have urns that have engravings and an Angel on the outside, made out of wood, solid brass and synthetic materials. All of them are very good sellers and some of them may be personalized.

Once again at, we have the perfect urn for you, and this time is a Personalized Angel Cremation Urns.

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