Is it wrong to separate cremated ashes?

Today we want to talk about the issue: is it wrong to separate cremated ashes? This question has been asked by many people and there is no easy answer for this topic, but we will give you some criteria and opinions expressed over time.

A couple of years ago, the Vatican ruled that “Catholics are forbidden from keeping the ashes of cremated loved ones at home, scattering them, dividing them between family members or turning them into mementoes” So, is it wrong to separate cremated ashes? According to the Vatican it is, but Hinduism supports cremation and the scattering of ashes, whereas Islam does not.

But, many vendors and manufacturers offer small urns to share ashes, and therefore there are other beliefs out there that are not ruled by anyone and people buy them and use them to share the ashes.

Going back to the Vatican statement, it also refers to the foundational Christian belief in the resurrection of the body. The guidelines tie burial to belief that on the day of judgment trumpets will sound and the dead will rise from the grave: "By burying the bodies of the faithful, the Church confirms her faith in the resurrection of the body, and intends to show the great dignity of the human body as an integral part of the human person whose body forms part of their identity.” If you scatter the ashes, or split them, how can a body be resurrected if it is not in one place?

And according to the law, is it wrong to separate cremated ashes? There have been numerous cases which have delved into the area of the division of ashes. This usually only occurs when there is a dispute in the family as to where to scatter/keep the remains. The law considers ashes to be the same as a body, so is unwilling to rule for separating them amongst different parties. However, if family and friends are all agreed then there should be no legal issues, and in most cases that is a moment of solemnity and families and friends are willing and ready to split the remains and that is when people buy small urns to share ashes.

The small urns to share ashes are very affordable, they come in different shapes, materials, etc. and they also are available in the form of cremation jewelry, when people want to keep a little portion of the loved one next to them all the time.

Small urns to share ashes are the practical answer to this question. You need to share, then you need to get a way to do it and the funeral industry is moving more and more towards cremations and people are inclined to have little portions of remains with them at their houses or next to them in cremation jewelry.

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Grieving is a difficult time for everyone and people deal with bereavement differently. Take your time to discuss with your family and or friends, your lost one’s wishes, and how you all feel it would be best to move forward with their remains.

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