How To Open An Urn has been in business for over 14 years and we have the cremations urns store for over 10 years, selling cremation urns, keepsakes, infant urns, pet urns and cremation jewelry. We have seen many, many products, different sizes, different materials, shapes, etc.

We have over 1,800 items on our store, and again they are urns, keepsakes and cremation jewelry. All of the items we sell are containers and will hold the whole amount of remains of a person or more, or will hold just a little, little portion of the remains, an eyelash or an eyebrow. But, one thing is for sure; all of them have an opening.

And, if they have an opening, you can open it and close it. So, how to open an urn?

We mentioned before that we have been in business for over 14 years and we have over 1,800 items on our store, so, how to open an urn? It varies very much. From a simple wooden urn that will open through the bottom using regular screws, to a very sophisticated 14K gold cremation jewelry that uses a special kit to open, close and seal the opening.

There is also the biodegradable urns that are manufactured and crafted with biodegradable materials and will sink if placed on the water or will degrade if buried. Even those need to be opened and closed. These are special ones and different technics need to be used for these ones.

And what about a keepsake that comes in the shape of a rose with a stem? That is a little more complicated, but all the complicated ones comes with instructions, so, the question on how to open an urn is easily answered.

Then we ran into the ones that are used to scatter remains, called the scattering urns or scattering tubes. Those have two openings and only one of them will close.

The opening that will open and close is the one you will use to put the remains in and the one that will not close is the scattering hole that will be punched when you are ready to scatter the remains and will not close again. You punch the hole, scatter the remains and you will have the urn or tube left with no remain in it.

Probably the last option that we have are the companion urns, also know as urns for two. These urns also come in different shapes and materials. Some companion urns come with two separate compartments and each compartment will have a separate opening to put the remains in. Some urns come as two individual urns connected or put in a connecting tray, or just a male and female version of the same urn. Like the bird urns that has as companion urns.

We have covered all the possible ways and options that we know there are out there to open your urn. If you find that cannot open your urn or cremation jewelry, we are always ready to help.

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