How to Find Companion Urns for Two Persons

You see couples that have had a long time together, they have experienced happiness, trouble, grief, pain, solitude, joy, etc., they have a large family, kids, grand kids, and they deserve and want to be together for the rest of eternity. So, How to Find Companion Urns for Two Persons?

The reason that Companion urns are manufactured and sold, is because people want to be together for eternity. And not only people, sometime pet owners want to have pets together, or a pet with a human that were close friends. That is why companion urns are on the market.

But which one should you choose? Does one size fit all? That depends very much on a couple of factors: 1. Are you cremation to persons? If that is the case, a man and a woman? Sometimes we have a mother or father wanting to be together with a baby child, so it really depends on the persons or person and pet that will go together in the same companion urn.

If you are having two adults, the companion urn you want is a regular size, that has two compartments of around 200 cubic inches each one, or one compartment that is 360 cubic inches or more. If you are cremating a mother with a baby, a 200 or 220 cubic inches urn will do the job. 

On occasions, we have seen parents loose baby twins, and all they needed was a 20 cubic inches keepsake that would hold both of them together.

You can view our Urn Sizing chart here.

So, How to Find Companion Urns for Two Persons. Cremation has become so popular in our country, that many manufacturers and suppliers now have a wide variety of urns in a variety of materials. You can find solid brass urns placed on a tray that has the shape of a heart, and each side has a little space to place a plaque with the name, dates, etc. You can also find boxes made out of wood, MDF, biodegradable materials, marble, granite, etc.Urns with picture frames to make it even more personal, urns that have a memory chest that will let you hold a favorite personal item of the deceased, etc. The offering is endless and you may spend a good amount of time browsing to find the right one.

Sometimes couples love nature and they want to spend the rest of eternity out there or on the ocean and we have available companion scattering tubes that will let you place the remains inside for a while, and whenever you are ready, you may go to the country side or to the ocean, puncture e pre cut hole and scatter both remains at the same time.

How to Find Companion Urns for Two Persons? We have seen a wide variety of options, but probably one of the ones that are a favorite for a lot of people, is having a tree grow around ashes, so they just combine ashes into one of our eternitrees urns and nature will embrace the remains with a tree of your choice.

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