How to Design Your Own Urn

At we have been in business for over 10 years and we have seen many different urns, designs, sizes, etc. and we have learned that many, many people love that unique urn that resembles who the loved one was. So, can we offer something like that? Does it even exist?

So, how to design your own urn? We often get calls from people who just lost a loved one and he or she loved a football, baseball or basketball team and they want to have the logo of the team and an inscription with the name, dates, etc. on the urn. We do not have such a thing and the industry will not offer something like that or will offer it at a very, very expensive price because of all the royalties involved.

And not only for sports, often people want to have a Disney character, or a Super Hero on the urn and the case is the same, royalties are in place and if you want to have something like that the price would be astronomical.

What about the followers of a brand like Harley Davidson? They would like to have an urn that has a motorcycle and the logo of the brand on it. We do not have something like that for the same reason. So, how to design your own urn?

We offer that possibility by giving the client the chance to send us the image or logo of what they want on the urn and we prepare the artwork, send it back to the client for approval and then prepare the urn, based on our regular solid brass vase urns or our crushed marble box urns. Often what the client wants is also a picture or a painting that the loved one had or made, and we can also work with those.

That is one possibility and we have been offering that service for quite some time now, but we also find people who would like to have that exotic car on top of the urn or a knight that resembles the one on the coat of arms of the family. That is a little more complicated, but we did find the way to do it. We locate the scale car of the perfect figurine, we get the approval of the family, and we assemble it in our facilities using one of our wooden urns.

So, how to design your own urn? We can help you with the task and we will give you all the options and possibilities to make that urn the perfect one that will resemble the desires or dreams of your loved one. Will get the color, the graphic, the logo, the car, and the figurine, etc., whatever it takes. Your loved one deserves to rest in peace in an urn that is designed and crafted with all the love and respect that you can give.

At, we are ready to help design and craft the perfect urn.

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