How to Choose a Small Dog Urn

Pet dogs can be as close to someone as children are to their parents.

Only a pet dog owner who has lost their beloved and loyal companion can understand the pain and emptiness of losing it.

But remember that it is not healthy to hide your pain or shy away from facing reality. Try to acknowledge your feelings and give yourself time to heal naturally.

Your pet dog may have separated from you, but you can still keep it close and alive in your memories with small dog urns. But first, let's look at some useful tips that can help ease your pain. 

How to cope with grief in a healthy way?

  • Talk to someone you can trust

Often people are afraid to express their feelings to others. And it is normal because not everyone can understand what you are going through. But if there is someone who is close to you and whom you can trust, do share your thoughts with them. And if that is not an option, seek professional help, as a therapist will be able to understand your feelings and give you useful advice.

  • Make the farewell memorable through rituals

You can arrange a funeral that will give you a chance to gather your friends and family for support and say a proper goodbye to your beloved pet.  

  • Get cremation urns to keep their memories alive

You can keep the urn at home, or even store a portion of the remains in cremation jewelry that is available in the form of necklaces, bracelets, etc. Many believe that a cremation urn is a great way to reflect on the fond memories of your pet.

  • Think of it as a part of life

Pain reduces a person's ability to think straight, and strange thoughts can be overwhelming in this traumatic situation. Before you fall into the depression spiral, remind yourself that this is a part of life and everyone goes through it at some point. And try to find peace in this thought that at least you got a chance to have a good time with your beloved pet dog. Don't let the pain of separation make you forget those beautiful memories you created with your beloved companion. 

What are small dog urns for?

If your pet dog weighs between 5 - 35 pounds, small dog urns will do just fine. Keep in mind that 1 pound of a pet dog's body weight is equal to 1 cubic inch of an urn. 

When buying an urn, keep in mind;

  • How do you want to use it?
  • The design you like
  • How much do you want to spend?

Small dog urns are suitable not only for a puppy but also for a small adult dog. These are available in various designs and include ones that you can keep at home and ones that you can wear in the form of jewelry.

What are the popular urn trends for dogs?

Nowadays, there is a growing trend to keep pet cremains in cremation urns. Most people are opting for proper funeral services for their beloved pet dogs and keeping their memories alive in urn form.

Mostly people like to collect pet dogs’ cremains in three ways:

  • Cremation urn - It is a container available in beautiful designs and different materials for collecting all the cremains. People use it to keep at home. But it can also be used for burial.
  • Cremation jewelry - It's just like ordinary jewelry, with a small compartment in which you can store a portion of the cremains. You can buy one in different designs. It is a great way to keep your pet dog cremains with you at all times.
  • Keepsakes - It is also for collecting a small portion of cremation remains. Usually, people buy it to distribute cremains among family members. But you can also convert it into jewelry. Also, if you are going to scatter cremains, you can use a keepsake to keep a small portion of it with you.

It is not necessary to use only one of them. Many people divide cremains into these different types of urns. For example, putting a portion into an urn to display at home, part of it to wear in the form of jewelry, and a little for keepsakes to distribute among close family members.

At, you can buy a variety of urns in unique designs and quality materials at reasonable prices. Here you can easily find the urn of your choice.

And remember, the best option for you is the one that meets your specific needs in the best way possible.

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