How Many Urns Can Be Buried in a Plot?

As the cycle of life and death continues, we all know someone who eventually leaves the realm of the living. You will then have to manage the funeral and process your grief at the same time. It might be rough if it’s the first time, but you must be strong for your loved one’s family.

In this blog, we will answer the question of how many urns can be buried in a plot.

Why cremation?

Cremation is chosen by many families and loved ones due to being a much more convenient option. You can bury more than one urn in a plot. If you do not intend to do so, some people place urns containing the ashes of the deceased in memorials called columbariums. 

The number can vary

When choosing for a location to lay cremated remains to rest, there are a few options, being cemetery plots, urn gardens, or other uncommon options. We will focus on cemetery plots as they are the most common option. The short answer is that the number of urns varies.

No matter the type of cemetery plot, single or family, the majority of burial plots allow for at least two. This is because while most burial plots are made to hold caskets, most cemeteries are not against having two urns in one plot. The names simply have to be able to fit a gravestone first as a courtesy and allowing loved ones to commemorate the deceased. 

Ultimately, you should ask the cemetery first as to how many urns can fit a plot.

how many urns can be buried in a plot

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Some cemeteries like Gethsemani Cemetery in Happy Valley usually bury a person in a casket for each plot, though they also have space for urns containing cremated remains. The cemetery allows for up to four urns in one plot. This is to allow for enough room on the gravestone to list all the names and dates.

It is also possible to bury three urns in a plot along with one casket in Gethsemani. As urns are not very large and do not take up space, this also entails having one casket and one or two urns in a burial plot as well. As long as it is within the cemetery and state limits, it will not be a problem.

Other states and cemeteries even allow for up to six individuals to be cremated and their urns to be buried in one plot. Some cemeteries only allow for a veteran and his or her spouse to be cremated in one plot. 


Before interring the urn in a grave that already contains remains, it is mandatory to apply for permission to inter the additional urn or urns. As long as you and any other loved ones authorize the internment, the urn can be buried within the local regulations and limits.


It depends on the location and cemetery as to how many urns can be buried in a plot. Should you be considering this, you can take a look at some different urns, such as patriotic urns, traditional urns, biodegradable urns, wooden urns, and more. As long as everything complies with regulations, you should be fine.

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