Exciting Opportunities in Pet Cremation

This is a guest post written by Addfield Environmental Services.

Did you know that it is estimated that almost 70% of American households have pets in the USA and across those homes you will find just under 90 million dogs and 76 and a half million cats?

At some point in the future, many of these could become your next customer.

Pet cremation has become an industry that makes more than $100 million in profit worldwide as a business. And is an opportunity that shows no signs of slowing as new pet crematoriums are continuing to be established around the world including Europe, and the USA they are one of the few industries that are almost guaranteed to stay in demand. This growth has brought about many opportunities for new businesses to launch, for veterinary practices to expand and human crematoriums to add additional services into their business.

In more and more instances people consider their pets to be a part of their family and want to give them a send off with as much respect and dignity as one.

The changing shape of pet cremation

Pet cremation is not new, the first pet cemetery has been traced back to 332BC in Palestine with the cremated remains of over 1000 dogs in urns were discovered. Modern cremation started a little more recently, when an Italian professor named Brunetti produced in 1873 what could be classed as the first modern crematorium.

The world’s first pet crematorium ‘Hartsdale Pet Cemetary and Crematorium’ opened in 1896 in the USA. It is still in business today and has gone on to now have more than 70,000 pets buried and cremated on its grounds.

For people looking to start a new business, establishing a Pet Cremation service is not as complex as it previously was. Easily set up and able to be operated from a small unit on a business park, or from a rural smallholding the barriers to entry are minimal.

How much do people spend on Pet Cremation?

The services we have seen provided by pet crematoriums is staggering, starting with a basic cremation costing upwards of $150 with most providers incorporating many extras from a dedicated memorial room to decorate alongside the owners wishes, pet cremation urns, which can cost as little as twenty dollars and as go as high as several thousand as people are prepared to spend what they can on their beloved pets. Additionally counselling services, marble headstones and ash scattering services across deserts and lakes are also available and many more unique options, there is an option for everyone and every budget. In fact the most expensive recorded ceremony cost more than half a million pounds for a Tibetan Mastiff in China.

Who would run a Pet Cremation service?

Running a Pet Crematorium is a genuinely rewarding business opportunity with very high potential returns. In our experience, many successful Pet Crematorium are run by animal lovers, who are committed to delivering outstanding service to people who have lost a pet. In addition to this, we have seen Veterinary practices, Farmers and serial Entrepreneurs establish these services for a rewarding additional income stream.  The barriers to becoming a Pet Cremation provider are minimal.  As with any business, your personal commitment will be the defining factor for your success.

How much can I expect to earn?

Your exact income will vary from region to region and depending upon your competition. However, on average it is likely that you will be able to cremate between 7 and 60 individual household pets a day from one machine (figures based upon the PET200 and A50-IC4 both manufactured by Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd).  The fees generally vary from region to region, however, most operators will charge upwards of $150 for an average cat/small dog, with large breeds of dog averaging $240 and for a horse you would look at $1000 (for a horse you would look at a dedicated cremator such as the Addfield TB Equine). 

How much does it cost to set up a pet Crematorium?

As with beginning any new business, you will be faced with a range of costs from standard taxes, rates and rent which if you are operating from rural land or business/industrial units you should be able to find very reasonable. Your biggest core cost will always be your machinery and this is the one area that you really need to think ahead about. Make sure that you select a machine that is built to last so if you choose wisely you should expect to only have to buy a machine once and only again when you expand. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you plan your growth in your initial business model so that you do not find yourself turning customers away in six months.

Solutions for all crematoriums

If you are looking to learn more about pet cremation machines Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dedicated pet crematoriums and they continue to manufacture all of their machines by hand from their headquarters in the UK before shipping them out to pet crematoriums across the globe.

They are recognised worldwide for their innovative approach to developing pet crematoriums and have delivered solutions for some of the world’s largest and most established pet cremation businesses as well as those beginning their journey and investing in their first machine.

They have been Inspired by the world of human crematoriums to improve their designs developing a range especially suited for the pet cremation market. Including the market leading PET200 and A50-IC ranges. Developed to provide a comfortable process and automatic operation. Benefiting from many operational and ergonomic improvements specifically for the purpose of delivering a higher level of cremations per day in a more compact and user-friendly design.

The future of Pet Cremation is very bright, having more than enough room for new businesses to open up and operate successfully and Addfield has more than enough solutions to provide the perfect solution for the sustainable development of any pet crematorium regardless of size, location or experience they have the machine to suit you, for now and the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available from starting a pet crematorium visit https://addfield.com/pet-cremators/

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