Cremation Jewelry for Men: How to Honor Your Loved One In Style

It is never an easy time when a loved one passes away. Cremation jewelry for men is a wonderful way of preserving the memory of that special person close to your heart forever and always in a subtle yet classy way. Different types of cremation jewelry also provide you with a way to honor a loved one without the financial pressure of holding a funeral as the costs of these can be enormous. If you are looking for cremation jewelry that appeal to men but are unsure about where to start and what type of jewelry to get, then this blog will help make that decision a little easier.

Why wear cremation jewelry?

Wearing cremation jewelry is a subtle yet endearing way to keep a loved one close by at all times. Sadly, burials are becoming more and more expensive so people are turning to cremation where urns and cremation jewelry for men are becoming more and more popular. So not only will you be keeping your loved one close by, but the financial burden will be drastically reduced too.

What are the options for men?

Just like normal jewelry, there is plenty of a variety out there for you to choose from. These can range from pendants, bracelets, rings, and even keychains. When looking at cremation jewelry, be sure to find something that you find comfortable wearing. Perhaps your deceased loved one wore a necklace pendant, so it would make sense for you to first look at cremation jewelry in the form of a beautiful cremation pendant. There are designs available that appeal to men who may desire a more masculine look.

How does cremation jewelry differ from other jewelry?

Unlike typical types of jewelry, cremation jewelry will have a small and subtle chamber that will be able to hold a small amount of remains or hair of your loved one. The cremation jewelry will, on the outside, appear perfectly normal and the discrete nature of what it contains will never be revealed. They can be made from a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, gold, and even glass to ensure you get exactly what you need to honor your loved one.

Where can you buy cremation jewelry for men and how much does it cost?

If you think purchasing cremation jewelry for men is the right choice for you, then has a wide selection of beautifully crafted pendants that will do your loved one justice as you remember them forever and always. Having been in the funeral business for over 15 years, is on hand to provide special guidance and advice for all your funeral needs. We know that the burden of arranging a loved one's affairs and final farewell is a tough and harrowing experience. That’s why we offer a wide range of cremation jewelry for men at a competitive price with some stunning pendants starting at prices as little as $50.

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