Burial Urns for Human Ashes

The term burial urns for human ashes is another term to describe urns for cremation or cremation urns. And at urns.com we started selling urns 15 years ago, back in 2004 and we have seen a lot of different ones in color, material, shape, form, design, etc. and we have given advice to thousands of people that needed a cremation urn a keepsake or cremation jewelry.

Now, maybe it is important to address the fact that cremation urns or burial urns for ashes are considered large urns or full size urns for adults, infants or even companion or double urns. That means that one urn will be able to accommodate all the ashes that come from one person, man, woman or infant, or in a companion urn, ashes from two people.

The burial urns for ashes or just urns as they are known in the market, are not a new idea, archeologists found some vases containing ashes as old as 7000 BC, and also in the Roman Empire were used, and some were found made of alabaster and ceramic. The Greeks also used cremation urns and some are as old as 850 BC.

In ancient Greece, cremation was a common thing, and the ashes typically placed in a painted Greek vaseRomans placed the urns in a niche, or in a collective tomb called a columbarium. Cremation urns were also commonly used in early England and in many pre Columbian cultures.

In some later European traditions, a king's heart, and sometimes other organs, could be placed in one or more urns upon his death, as happened with King Otto of Bavaria in 1916, and buried in a different place from the body, to symbolize a particular affection for the place by the departed.

Now, cremation is becoming more and more popular in certain countries, and that is happening in the United States. The reason is because in a lot of places we are running out of space to bury a body and therefore cemetery lots are becoming more and more expensive. In a city like New York a burial could be well over $10,000, so people are choosing cremation more and more.

And then, the Funeral Home will offer you options that include many services around the cremation and it might also include an urn, but people are now also looking to buy those online, and usually that is because you can find better deals and much, much more options as far as prices, quality, material, color, personalization, etc.

And in that particular case, we at urns.com have been doing that for many years and we have a very large selection of burial urns for human ashes, or urns and we also complement our offering with cremation keepsakes to share the remains with friends or family, and also cremation jewelry that will let you keep a little portion of the remains close to you all the time.

When it comes to urns, Urns.com has a name and a reputation!

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