Beautiful Rose Urns for Ashes

In selling urns for fifteen years, we have learned quite a bit about what people like and order on our store and from Funeral Homes and Cemeteries.

Over the years we have had and still have beautiful Rose Urns for Ashes and those are among the favorites on our store. We have these urns in wood, solid brass, ceramic and also made out of eco-friendly materials that have become very popular.

Why do the Beautiful Rose Urns for Ashes are popular? First, let me describe what a rose is according to Wikipedia: A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family Rosaceae, or the flower it bears. There are over three hundred species and thousands of cultivars.

And why are roses considered a symbol of love? Because of the traditions, the red rose soon became known as the symbol for deep love and fidelity. As the practice of exchanging roses and other flowers, as signs of affection grew more popular, the red rose became the flower of choice for lovers because it sends the strongest message of love

That will explain why Rose urns are popular, the symbol behind a rose is love and we often send roses to the person we love and care.

We find some interesting explanations of why roses are popular and why roses are linked to love and feelings. According to a blogger, roses are: “Because of their symbolic versatility. Roses have been so celebrated for so long—the Minoans grew and painted roses in the Bronze Age—that it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of their popularity. One possible explanation is that roses represent all things to all people. They represent virginity, and particularly the Virgin Mary. Medieval brides and grooms wore crowns of roses to represent their purity. In England, roses were laid on the graves of virgins. But roses also represent passion and romance: Lovers exchange roses as a prelude to intimacy. Roses symbolize suffering: Christian iconography uses the red rose as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s bodily suffering, as well as the blood of other saints such as Alban. Yet roses also symbolize the peace that awaits people in the next world. Old Christian texts describe paradise as strewn with roses.

So, why is that rose urns are manufactured and sold? That answer is explained in all the text that we have above and we see manufacturers add more and more Rose Urns to their inventory and people, funeral homes and cemeteries keep ordering them.

And in the selection of rose urns that we offer, we have urns that have a pink rose, a red rose, a golden rose, urns that are pink and have a golden rose engraved, silver urns that have a pink rose engraved with other filigree, etc., and all of them are popular and good sellers. The rose was introduced as a symbol of love, passion, romance, etc., and we just follow what people like and want.

View our store now to shop all rose urns and more.

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