Cremation Pendant Hope Rhodium Plated with Clear Crystal

SKU: udc-4456

What size do I need?

Hope is a very potent abstract entity. It is hope that is required when we meet up with any loss. The Cremation Pendant Hope Rhodium Plated is the symbol of hope. The I-Shaped pendant with a crystal is the design that radiates hope in its rhodium glaze.

Features & Benefits

  • Shape – Solid Bar Shaped with rounded edges having a large crystal embedded in the middle
  • Capacity: Symbolic
  • Dimensions: L 0.27 Inch W 0.71 Inch H 0.24 Inch
  • Material: Sterling 925 Silver
  • Opening: Threaded Screw at back
  • Comes with: Presentation Box
  • Protected with RhodiumCoat™
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