Sports Urns

Our wooden sport urns are all beautifully crafted to create a unique piece to honor your loved one. A unique urn like oursking urn is a wonderful way to capture the true personality and spirit of your loved one who loved to ski the hills and has passed on. We offer a variety of wooden urns that are unique in many ways. This includes our variety of golfer urns, fisherman urns, urns for surfers and more.

A sport urn is perfect for your loved one who was an avid fisherman, loved to hit the slopes every winter or maybe an urn for a golpher who loved to hit the greens on the weekend. It doesnÕt matter how often they went, or how much they talked about it, it matters how important it was. Our fisherman urns and bicycle urns help you to remember their life and love in a way they would be proud of.

Keep the memory of your loved one carried on with a beautiful sports urn that perfectly fits their personality and passion. Choose a piece that you will enjoy to display around your home for everyone to see and cherish.