Metal Keepsake Urns

When you want an urn that is truly remarkable and unique, you’ll appreciate this collection of metal urns that are made in the image of appropriate icons. You can find a gorgeous metal eagle urn that will surely offer a symbol of nationalism for a departed veteran as well as a St. Francis of Assisi statue urn for an animal lover or an ardent follower. We also have a Pieta statueurn available. Our hope is that these metal urns will provide a measure of comfort and peace to the loved ones left behind and offer dignity to the one that has departed.

Grief is a personal process and that’s why we carry a wide range of artistic metal urns to suit the personality and relationship of the deceased. Choosing one of these statue urns is an ideal way to have not only a high quality and respectful place to house ashes, it is also a clear and visible way to keep the memory of your lost loved one at the front of your mind.