La Nostra Marble Companion Urns Collection

The exquisite marble, granite and onyx urns in our La Nostra collection offer our customers a truly dignified way to lay to rest the most beloved couples in their lives. Our onyx urns bring a singular aura of distinction to your loved ones' remains, making your dedication evident and saying, "Here lies a couple who was and will always remain loved, respected and treasured both in life and death."

We know how much you'll appreciate the fine-quality craftsmanship that makes Blue Pearl Granite or a Black Graniteone of the most valued lines of companion urns on the market today. Their timeless beauty and sheer elegance will not only impress all who see them but will appropriately and tastefully memorialize your loved ones, elevating them to the stature they deserve and conferring upon them in death the honor in which they held in life.

From stunning black onyx urns to lovely marble urn designs in a wide variety of distinctive colors, these classic companion urns offer an indispensable way to make absolutely certain you are doing all you can to aptly honor the memory of your cherished loved ones. As a discerning buyer, you will never go wrong by bestowing this finely crafted final gift upon the people you love.