Infinita Companion Urns

If you have loved ones who were inseparable during their lifetime, you may want to create an everlasting monument to their affection. Our high-quality, finely crafted Infinita marble urns make that possible. These companion urns for ashes of departed family members or friends allow their remains to stay side-by-side even after they have passed.

We offer four different varieties of the Infinita marble urns, and each variety comes with your choice of gold or stainless metal trim, allowing you to choose which best captures the personalities of the departed and which is most appropriate for the setting you have in mind. The simple, elegant design provides you with a tasteful, respectful final resting place for the deceased, and their unique double-sided structure means that you can place them to rest right next to the person they loved most in life.

Nothing can eliminate the pain of losing someone you care about, but these companion urns will provide you with the chance to memorialize their lives and their love forever.

Choose from a Rust Marble, a Beige Marble, a Wine Marble or one of the other companion urns listed below.

Below you can see photos of each version of this product to decide which is right for you and place an online order for the one of your choice.

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