AEternitas 1 Companion Marble Urns

The elegance and classic beauty of marble urns is virtually unsurpassed in expressing the noble and loving sentiments you have toward the loved ones you've lost. In this AEternitas collection of companion urns you'll find exquisite marble designs to help you visibly manifest the love and respect you hold in your heart for the couples you care most about.

Marble urns are one of the most dignified ways to honor your loved ones who have passed on. These beautiful urns let your most cherished couples or other special people who have shared a unique relationship take their final rest together in honor and dignity. We know how much you care for the loved ones you've lost, and our goal is to help you express that love in a tangible, dignified and lasting way.

Choose from a Marble Bianco Carrera, a Granite Nero Absoluto , a Blue Pearl Granite or one of the other companion urns listed below.