Mini Cremation Urns: Kind Keepsakes of Your Loved One

You may never have heard of mini cremation urns if you have been looking for a way to remember loved ones. Small, discreet, and often in the form of jewelry, mini cremation urns are also known as keepsake urns. These are popular with people who want to carry their loved ones wherever they go rather than either scattering the ashes or having a large vessel somewhere at home.

Mini cremation urns (also called mini keepsake urns) are little containers perfect for holding a small amount of the cremation ashes as a personal and permanent memorial of a loved one. These wonderful little memorial keepsakes also offer family members who want to share the ashes a beautiful way of safeguarding their treasured memories.

Why choose mini cremation urns?

Mini cremation urns, like the larger options, are beautifully handcrafted and come in a range of different materials from wood, marble, glass, pewter, or brass. These scaled-down versions of the larger urns are perfect for someone who wants a discreet way to remember a loved one. These mini cremation urns are also cheaper, meaning family members left with the emotional burden of organizing a funeral or cremation can keep the costs down.

These small urns for ashes of loved ones mean if you feel particularly lonely or troubled, then it can be easily transported if required. Don’t forget that these urns are suitable for small amounts of human remains, therefore if you wish to spread most of the ashes, you can do so without fully letting go of a loved one.

What are the different types of urn available?

The most elegant, beautiful, unique urns are available to help remember loved ones. Choose between heart-shaped mini keepsakes, simple, yet elegant mini urns to the boldest and visually stunning keepsakes such as an American Eagle. Other alternatives, such as a beautiful hand brushed alloy urn with a felt bottom, includes a Velvet Pouch for each urn and a heart-shaped velvet box for the miniature keepsake urn.

Finally, there is an assortment of touching mini urns featuring peaceful and mourning angels, painstakingly crafted, visually impressive, and perfect to honor and cherish the memories of a deceased loved one.

Where can you buy mini keepsake urns?

Having been in the funeral business for over 15 years, is on hand to provide special guidance and advice for all your funeral needs. If purchasing a mini cremation urn is the right choice for you, then click here for a range of stunning crafted pendants that will do your loved one justice as you remember them forever and always.

The staff at understand the heavy, and stressful burden of arranging the affairs of a loved one and how emotional final farewells can be. That’s why they offer a wide range of mini cremation urns at a competitive price with some stunning keepsakes starting at prices as little as $37. These urns can also be customized with inscriptions, messages, and some even can have images inscribed into their surfaces.

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