Satori Solid Brass Urns and Keepsakes

For a beautiful way to display the ashes of your loved one and honor their life, we offer a wide selection of solid brass cremation urns in a variety of colors and styles. It is an affordable way to remember your loved one and allowing you to keep them close, even after they have passed on. Solid brass urns have the traditional shape and are made of high quality material to last for years to come.

Some of our most colorful urns are included in our Satori Collection. There are four distinct colors including, Satori Ocean, Satori Pearl, Satori Pink and Satori Onyx. There are also three shapes available in each color, including the large size, the keepsake, and a heart-shaped one. Use one of the unique and colorful urns to keep your loved one close when you travel, or for other loved ones to keep in their home.