Biodegradable Urns

Whether your loved one wants their ashes buried in a cemetery or buried at sea, our selection of biodegradable eco friendly urns are the perfect option. Honor your loved ones wishes to be close to a loved one in a cemetery or close to nature at sea by choosing one of our many uniquely designed biodegradable cremation urns made of all natural materials.

We also offer a shell collection of biodegradable unity urnsthat are perfect for a burial at sea, along with a number of other designs for burial in the ground, including hearts, chests, traditional urn shapes and more. We also offer our biodegradable urns in a number of materials, such as cornstarch, salt, and bark, none of which will leave a trace behind. For those who wished to have their remains scattered, we also carry eco-friendly scattering urns which are designed to temporarily contain the ashes prior to scattering and can be buried, composted or recycled after scattering.

Biodegradable urns or eco friendly urns are the perfect way to honor the wishes of the deceased and are a wonderful expression of love and remembrance.