Admiration Hand Carved Urns

Show your loved one the honor and respect they deserve when you lay them to rest in an Admiration hand carved urn from These stunning artistic wood urns are hand crafted by meticulous, skilled craftsmen. It typically takes our craftsmen two days to carve the intricate designs of each one-of-a-kind urn. Each of these urns are fashioned from mahogany wood and coated with a clear polymer high gloss finish for protection and beauty.

Our Admiration I urn features an eye-catching, elegant fan-like design, while our Admiration II urn features a softer design with swirling, rounded out details. Both hand carved urns are beautiful resting places for your loved one. In fact, every time you glance at these urns youÕll be overcome with feelings of wonder, admiration and warm memories.

At, we aim to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality, artistic wood urns at an affordable price. We promise you the upmost respect, serving your needs quickly and compassionately so you can take the time you need to grieve during your time of loss.