Army National Guard Wood Military Urn

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The men and women who have trained, served and fought for our country in the U.S. Army National Guard put their lives on the line every day fighting for us and what we believe in. Honor their memory and place their ashes in an Army National Guard urn from

Our wooden military urns for ashes are handcrafted from Red Alder and Red Oak, and feature the Army National Guard's emblem on the front. You can choose to have the urn engraved with your loved ones name, date of birth, date of passing, rank or a sentimental phrase.

The Patriotic urn is bottom sealed with four brass screws and features pads that protect the urn and the furniture it is displayed upon. When your loved one is placed in one of these military urns people will know all they have done, and be thankful to them for their service to our country.

Give your loved one a fitting resting place with one of the military cremation urns from

  • Size: 10-1/8" X 5-5/8" X 10-1/2" Capacity: 202 cubic inches
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