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Creating A Loving Tribute With Memorial Urns

Creating A Loving Tribute With Memorial UrnsHow do you honor a loved one that has passed away? There's no right or wrong question to this answer, because every person is different. You should try to honor them as they lived. What were their hobbies and interests? Where did they live? What did they do? Consider all of these questions as you prepare to lay them to rest. Once you've got a clear idea of who they were, you can create a tribute to them around their memorial urn that will last for years to come.

Create A Memorial Garden
Gardens are a popular way to memorialize a loved one. Whether it's in your own back yard, or a corner of a local park or cemetery, you can create a loving tribute this way. If you display the memorial urn, you'll need to make sure it's securely mounted in the garden. Burying it eliminates this problem. You can put several small statues along with your loved one's favorite flowers in the garden. Add a small bench for those moments when you want to reflect on their life and be close them again.

Sail Into The Sunset
If their final wish was to be buried at sea, consider having a small ceremony with friends and family. You can use the opportunity to create a celebration of their life by setting up a table filled with photos and memories of your loved one. Put their biodegradable memorial urn at the center of the display and let everyone take turns sharing memories. You can then release them into the ocean for their final journey.

Let Them Come Home
If you want to keep your loved ones close to your heart, you can bring their memorial urn home and create a special place for it. Pick a quiet and peaceful corner of the house and find a small table or stand to build your memorial on. Place the urn there with one or two special mementos, like a photograph or their favorite jewelry.

With a little thought and care, you can create a unique and treasured tribute for your loved one that will give you the comfort and closeness you need.

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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