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Discontinued Items

Discontinued Items
Tree of Life Solid Brass Collection
Wheat Solid Brass Collection
Ascending Solid Brass Collection
Butterfiles Solid Brass Collection
Rose Solid Brass Collection
Dolphin Solid Brass Collection
Trinity Crimson Brass Urns Collection
Trinity Pearl Collection
Trinity Moonlight Blue Collection
Lineas Rustic Bronze Urns Collection
Lineas Starlight Blue Urns Collection
Nirvana Azure Urns Collection
Nirvana Adieu Solid Brass Collection
Tear Drop Bronze Tone Collection
Tear Drop Bright Silver Collection
Tear Drop Brushed Pewter Collection
Tear Drop Brushed Brass Collection
Tear Drop SilverGold Collection
Bamboo Urns Collection
Cherry Box Urns Collection
Box Urns Collection
Heart Keepsake Pendants
Heart Box Collection
Intertwine Celtic Pendant Urn
Mother & Child Memorial Urn
Butterfly Love Keepsake Pendant
Cat & Stars Memorial Urn
Angel Memorial Urn
Cross & Dove Keepsake Urn
Stile & Rail Pet Wood Urns
Heart Lockets
Pet Memory Boxes
Floral Blush Pet Cloisonne Urn
Floral Blush Pet Cloisonne Keepsake
Floral Blue Pet Cloisonne Keepsake
Floral Blue Pet Cloisonne Urn
Lineas Sage Brass Keepsake
Solid Brass Urns Twilight Collection
Oriental Marble Collection
Marble Vase Collection
Eternity Keepsake Pendant Urn
Mother of Pearl Infant Solid Brass Urn
Lineas Sage Brass Keepsake
Mother of Pearl Solid Brass Keepsake
Book Cremation Keepsakes
Flag and Eagle Solid Brass Collection
Slate Urns Collection
Rectangle Keepsake Urn Slate Finish
Rectangle Urn Slate Finish
Cube Keepsake Urn Slate Finish
Cube Urn Slate Finish
Patina Leaf Urn - Marble Patina
Bronze Leaf Urn - Brushed Bronze
Platinum Leaf Urn - Brushed Pewter
Brushed Pewter Solid Brass Urn
Brushed Brass Urn
Marble Patina Solid Brass Urn
Brushed Pewter Companion Urn
Brushed Brass Companion Urn
Marble Patina Companion Urn
Fairy Memorial Pendant Urn
Canine Spirit Memorial Urn
Pet Keepsake Large Box Urn
Pet Keepsake Box Urn
In Our Hearts Forever - Rock Urn
Flowers Hand Painted Urn
Lily Hand Painted Urn
Stainless Steel Heart Pendants
Heart Brushed Pewter Keepsake
Classic Paw Print Pet Urn
Twilight Eclipse Solid Brass Collection
Angelic Presence Infant Urn
Appreciation Patriotic Wood Urn Small Applique
Gold Engraved Box and Polished Brass Cross
Paw Print Pet Urn Vase
My Angel Cremation Pendant
Twilight Forest Solid Brass Collection
Heaven Sent Infant Urn
Trinity Golden Umber Collection
In Angel Hands
Classic Evening Blue Brass Urn
Journey of Life Cremation Pendant
Serenity Angel Keepsake
Bella Ceramic Urns
Floral, Natural Cornstarch Biodegradable Urns
Heart Shaped Keepsake Collection
Patina Granite Brass Urn
Appreciation Patriotic Flag Wood Urn
Solid Brass Urns Trieste Collection
Polished Heart Box w/ Bright Nickel Pendant
Brushed Brass Box and Engraved Brass Cross
Solid Brass Nature Urns
Patriotic Granite Solid Brass Set
Glenwood Vintage Copper Metal Alloy Urns
Glenwood Vintage Pewter Metal Alloy Urns
Glenwood Vintage Bronze Metal Alloy Urns
Lineas Rustic Sage Urns Collection
Plain Heart Box and Brass Heart Pendant
Cremation Keepsakes
Basketball Cremation Pendant
Soccer Cremation Pendant
Volley Ball Cremation Pendant
Football Cremation Pendant
Baseball Cremation Pendant
Golf Ball Cremation Pendant
Golf Club Cremation Pendant
Sports Whistle Cremation Pendant
Softball Cremation Pendant
Hockey Stick Cremation pendant
Skateboard Cremation Pendant
Motorcycle Cremation Pendant
Motorcycle Flames Solid Brass urn
High Polish Square Cross Pendant
Modern Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Square Sand Textured Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Roman Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Tubes & Caps Cross Pendant
Tubes & Caps Cross w/Gold Accent
Flowers & Bands Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Large Sand Textured Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Spanish Cross withGold Accent Pendant
Tear Drop Dove & Star w Gold Accent Pendant
Oval Spanish Cross with Gold Accent Pendant
Oval Satin Finish Pendant
Tear Drop Satin Finish Pendant
Small Tear Drop Satin Finish Pendant
Teardrop Lillies with Gold Accent Pendant
Round Eagle Feather Frame with Gold Accent Pendant
Round Hummingbird with Gold Accent Pendant
Round Butterfly & Flower with Gold Accent Pendant
Round Satin Finish Pendant
Cushion Dragon with Gold Accent Pendant
Cushion Dolphin with Gold Accent Pendant
Cushion Spanish Cross with Gold Accent
Cushion Dove with Gold Accent Pendant
Cushion Satin Finish Keepsake Pendant
3D Hummingbird witn Gold Accent Pendant
3D Dove witn Gold Accent Pendant
Trillion Celtic with Gold Accent Pendant
Cameo Urn
Banyan Tree EterniTrees Keepsake
Deodara Cedar EterniTrees Keepsake
Giant Redwood EterniTrees Keepsake
Japanese White Birch EterniTrees Keepsake
Sitka Spruce EterniTrees Keepsake
Terra Biodegradable Urns
Alabastrite Urns Selection
Merlot Mini Clock Wood Keepsake
Merlot Wood Tower Clock Urn
Montana de Oro Ceramic Urns
Ceramic Urns Traditional Collection

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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