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Choosing Funerary Urns for Ashes

Choosing Funerary Urns for AshesWhen your loved one has come to his or her end of life journey and the time arrives to select the right funerary urn, youÕre faced with quite a challenge. You want your loved oneÕs final resting place to be both respectful and meaningful. You also want to choose an urn that best represents his or her life. What can you do when you don't know where to even begin? Let help.

At, we understand what you're going through and we'll work with you to ensure that you get the right urn for your loved one, no matter what your specific needs may be. To start with, you can try using this guide to choosing funerary urns so that the process is made much easier. If you still have questions or need assistance, feel free to give us a call at 1.800.800.1579 and we'd be happy to help you find the right funerary urn for someone you love.

Choosing Funerary Urns: The Process

The first step toward choosing the right funerary urn is to go through a process where you consider exactly what you're looking for in an urn. Depending on your loved one's wishes, you may have specific instructions that you can work from. If not, here are the things that you need to keep in mind during the initial process of choosing funerary urns for ashes:
  • Budget: Before you begin choosing funerary urns, be sure that you have a clear understanding of what you have to spend, and then choose an urn that fits within those guidelines comfortably. No matter what your budget or your specific needs, you can always find beautiful funerary urns at
  • Personality: This can be one of the easier parts of choosing funerary urns. When looking for the right funerary urn for someone you love, consider what he or she loved most. Look for urns that match this person's favorite color, interests, or personality. Like a gift, you'll know when it's right for someone you love.
  • Use: Where will the urn be kept? Will it be buried or displayed? Does your loved one wish to have their remains scattered? Choosing an urn for ashes depending on use is one of the easiest ways to narrow down your selection. Urns for display are usually much more ornate and can feature decorative detailing that makes for a moving tribute. Burial urns could be specially designed and are usually sturdier and simpler. For scattering, there are many scattering urns or biodegradable funerary urns that could meet those needs beautifully and respectfully.
These three things are the cornerstones of choosing from our selection of funerary urns for your loved one. If you're still having trouble, be sure to give us a call at 1.800.800.1579 and we'll work with you to choose the urn that's right for someone you love, no matter what your needs may be.

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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