Brass Pet Urns

Your pet was a significant and special part of your life. When choosing from our selection of pet cremation urns, you have to consider what made your pet unique. Give your pet a final resting place that's perfect – just like the relationship you shared that brought you so much happiness. Our brass urns for pets make for a respectful and moving tribute to that special friend who brought joy, light, laughter, and love into your life, like the Double Paw Prints on a Brass Heart Keepsake in a velvet box or several other designs listed below.

Featuring animal motifs, paw prints, or other details that help to make each and every one of our pet cremation urns unique, these brass urns from our animal collection are designed to keep the memory of your pet alive while celebrating the love that lives forever.

You’ll feel at peace knowing that your pet is resting in a beautiful brass urn that is crafted with care and designed to be a moving tribute.

Let our selection of brass urns and pet cremation urns help you find serenity in this time of loss.
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