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Dog Cremation Urns: Still Keeping Watch

Dog Cremation Urns: Still Keeping WatchThere are several reasons why we like to include dogs as members of our family: They make us smile when we get home from a long day, they are always happy to see us, they keep us warm on cold nights, they make us laugh exactly when we need it, and they love to play. Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet and that is why we love to have them in our lives. Whenever we need someone to be there for us, we can always rely upon our furry friends. You can't even say that about humans!

Another great quality about dogs is that they love to protect and keep watch. While keeping watch, dogs can detect and alert you to potential threats encroaching upon your home. You can feel safe going to bed at night knowing that you have a warm, loving alarm system already in place.

It is for all these reasons and so many more that we are overcome with so much sadness when we lose one of our canine friends. Not only do we lose their love and affection, but we sometimes might feel the lack of security that dogs provide. However, there is a way to keep them close in spirit, even after their passing, and that is through dog cremation urns.

What Exactly are Dog Cremation Urns?

Dog cremation urns are the same types of vessels that are used to contain the ashes of anyone whose final wishes were to be cremated. Dog cremation urns for ashes hold the remains of your lost family friend for all eternity. They are sculpted to reflect the fact that they contain the ashes of a dog, and in many cases include a name plate so that all may know the name of your treasured pet.

Another uplifting thought that comes along with dog cremation urns is that your four-legged friend can still keep watch over you and your home. Your dog can therefore act like a silent sentinel for your home, even after he or she is gone. Think of how comforting it will be to know that your loyal pet who loved nothing more than spending time with you is still nearby watching over you.

Browse the selection of dog cremation urns at to find the most fitting resting place for your best friend. Our precious pooches may pass on much sooner than we wish, but the paw prints they leave on our hearts last forever.

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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