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Companion Urns: For the Eternal Bond

Companion Urns:  For the Eternal BondWe form many relationships over the course of our lifetimes. Some of those relationships last only for one meeting, while others can last forever. Some relationships are personal while others are more on the professional level. Our very lives can be defined by the various relationships we form. Despite the vast number of relationships we may be involved in, we occasionally meet someone who is extraordinarily special. These are the types of people that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. When we find these kinds of people we want to hold on with everything we have, because we know how special this kind of relationship can be.

As joyous as it is to have these people in our lives, it is equally as sad when they are called from this plane of existence. It can be very difficult for long-term lovers or friends to go on without the person with whom they shared most of their lives. It is important to celebrate the eternal nature that is formed between two people who love one another. One way to accomplish this kind of tribute is through companion urns.

Companion Urns for the Ages

When loved ones pass away, their partners take solace in the notion that they will be together again. Some married couples are buried next to each other in the same cemetery plot, while close friends often arrange for adjacent plots. But what about people whose final wishes include cremation? This is where companion urns may be of benefit as they help to allow loved ones to rest next to one another for all eternity. has a number of different types of companion urns that are both beautiful and handcrafted. These classic bronze companion urns or these classic pewter companion urns help to illustrate the eternal love shared between two people as the bases for both of these urns are linked hearts. We also have these exquisite serene angel companion urns that help to remind us that some bonds are eternal and will continue in all phases of existence. can help you to let others know how special your bond was with your loved one. Companion urns are a beautiful tribute to how strong and special love can be between two people.

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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