These beautiful biodegradable unity urns are made from the bark of the mulberry tree. Since mulberry trees naturally shed their bark as they grow, no trees are harmed in the production of these unique and stunning biodegradable cremation urns, making them a perfect choice to memorialize an environmentally-conscious lived one.

Each of our unity urns is available in three sizes: a large adult urn size, a small keepsake style urn, and an extra large companion urn. While the larger sized urns are ideal for earth friendly burial that will naturally break down over time, the small keepsake sized urn is good for the symbolic spreading of a portion of the ashes. Both of these eco friendly urns are designed from natural ingredients that can naturally biodegrade without leeching any harmful chemicals into the soil.

Our biodegradable urns are the best choice for a natural earth friendly burial service. Be confident knowing you are respecting the wishes of a loved one who put the planet before themselves. A unity urn is a great way to show your shared love of nature and make environmental awareness a part of the burial.