Shell Collection

If your loved one had a fondness for the ocean and wished to be buried at sea, our biodegradable shell urns offer the perfect way to respect their wishes. Unlike scattering urns, there biodegradable urns are designed to be placed directly into the sea. These shell urns are crafted from natural environmentally friendly materials that will gradually break down over time without contaminating the environment.

These eco friendly urns are perfect for someone who was passionate about the environment. They will not harm the ocean’s ecosystem or leave behind trace chemicals that could disturb marine life. You can be confident knowing that your loved one will be entrusted to the loving nature of Mother Earth without harming the environment.   

Each of our biodegradable urns are designed to float for a short time while a memorial service is performed before the shell urn slowly sinks to the ocean bottom. These urns are a natural alternative for a loving ocean memorial and are available in a variety of colors to suit the personality of the individual being memorialized.