Serenity Pet Urns

Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy; after all, he or she was a member of the family, making every moment all the better for them being there. When your pet has passed on, be sure that you can give your furry or feathered friend a moving tribute by choosing to make one of our elegant pet urns your pet’s final resting place. Our pet urns are crafted beautifully from stone, including some which can be customized with your pet’s photo.

Choose from a Keepsake Box with room for a frame or photo of your beloved companion, or Dog Paw Prints urn or the Paw Print Cat urn as well as several other choices listed below.

Also known as Serenity pet urns, they are meant to be a respectful yet inspiring reflection on the love and memories you and your pet shared during his or her lifetime. As one of our pet urns reflects, pets “leave paw prints on your heart forever.”