Rose Cremation Keepsakes

This cremation keepsakes set features brass rose keepsake urns, designed with love to hold as a remembrance of your departed loved one. Each rose keepsake urn is a beautiful container that will hold a little portion of your loved remains, so you can keep it close to your heart.

These cremation keepsakes are available in a bronze tone, a pewter tone, and a crimson tone. Surely one of these keepsake urns will be ideal for helping you work through the grieving process by keeping a lovely and appropriate reminder nearby. YouÕll appreciate this memento more and more as time goes on because it will be a very real reminder.

Choose from a pewter rose stem keepsake urn, a bronze rose stem keepsake, Crimson rose Stem Keepsake or one of the other tones listed below.

You can not only count on a gorgeous product, but also fast shipping and great customer service. Let us provide the perfect rose keepsake urn to help you hold on to the memory of your lost loved one.