Cheap Pet Cremation Urns for Dogs, Cats & More

The true companionship our pets bring us on a daily basis is something that is irreplaceable and should be honored. As many of us know, our pets can quickly become part of our family. When we lose an animal, our heart breaks just the same. We have an extensive collection of pet cremation urns and cremation jewelry, in hopes you’ll find the most thoughtful way of remembering your four-legged friend. 

Why Choose 

Our wide variety of cheap pet cremation urns for dogs, cats and other animals are sure to help you find a special place for your pet to rest in peace, so you can honor them in a way the whole family can agree on. We also have urns in brass, metal, wood, ceramic, and crystal for dogs, pet urns for cats and other pets as well as personalized photo urns for pets and cremation pet jewelry to help you remember your pet. We offer you the best assortment of original pet urns, dog urns for ashes, and cat urns for ashes, at affordable prices and with untouchable customer assistance.

Our pets become part of the family and they sometimes come to our house or bedroom with their paws wet and leave paw prints all over the place. We sometimes get upset, but then, when they leave us we remember those paw prints and we miss them. Thinking on those memories we have added urns that have paw prints and those will bring back memories when we had them all around the house.

We have wooden paw prints urns, solid brass paw prints urns and also made of synthetic materials. All of these pet urns come with reduced prices and they are beautiful. Keep the memories alive by getting one of the paw print urns.

For an elegant memorial, consider our stunning marble pet cremation urns with metal bases and caps, or one of the intricately detailed cloisonné urns. Personalize one made out of pottery, or add a photo to a wooden urn. You can also choose sculptures of dogs, cats or horses. Whatever your needs, we are confident that we can help. For any questions click the tab below to chat with us or call us at 1-800-800-1579. has been in business for 15 years and we have learned many things about cremation, about selling online, about customer care, etc., but the most important thing that we have learned is about love and care. We talk, chat and email with people that have lost someone or a pet and we know that people care and love. And pet owners are people that really care and love their little animals.

In many cases, we have talked to people that are in tears, sobbing because they just loved their beloved pet and they need help to get the most beautiful urn they can get to honor and remember his little one. And we are here for them, offering a wide variety of pet urns for dogs, other pets, and pet cremation jewelry at the best possible prices.

Quality and customer service is what we have been doing for 15 years.

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