Mother of Pearl Urns

Losing a loved one is a difficult time for you and your family. Often, taking care of the little details like planning a ceremony or shopping for a brass urn will provide some measure of comfort as you find some control in an otherwise depressing situation. We understand that you want handcrafted urns that will fully dignify your departed loved one and capture their memory for those left to mourn.


Our collection of Mother of Pearl urns is simply stunning. If the person who has passed loved the sea, these make perfect resting places for their remains. Tiny pieces of mother of pearl are hand cut and placed on each urn for a truly remarkable piece. Accented in gold, the Mother of Pearl Brass Urn or the Elite Mother of Pearl Keepsake in this collection are beautiful.


The mother of pearl urns are just one of many fine handcrafted options we offer. We also offer scattering tubes, cremation jewelry, and other items that will help you keep the spirit of your lost loved one alive.