Marble Metal Urns

Most pet owners agree that it doesn’t take long for a pet to become one of the family. Their unconditional love and devotion make them an important part of your everyday lives. After they pass it is understandable that many people would want to have a part of them around as a reminder of the joy they brought throughout their lives.

For those who prefer to remember their pet with an urn that is both stately and elegant, our marble and metal pet urns are each a unique work of art. Because our marble pet urns are made from real marble, no two are exactly alike. They are exquisitely crafted not only to house the remains of your beloved pet, but also to accent your home’s décor. 

Choose from a Light Green Onyx, a Black Zebra Marble or a Fossil Marble pet urn or one of the other selections listed below.

These decorative pet urns can easily be the focal point of any home memorial. Whether they are placed on a bookshelf or a mantle, these urns are refined enough to stand alone, or be placed with other decorative elements.