Journey Biodegradable Urns

When someone you love passes on, it's never truly an end. He or she is simply returning back to the source of all life. If you have recently lost a loved one and are unsure of how to make the transition back to earth easier, let help. Our selection of green urns is designed to be an eco-friendly yet touching memorial to your loved one.

Made beautifully with earth-friendly mulberry paper, our biodegradable Journey urns offer you a much more environmentally sound way to give your loved one a final resting place. Whether you choose to scatter your loved one's ashes in the ocean or take him or her to a favorite place to become part of the earth again, our biodegradable urns will make the transition moving and respectful. Our Journey collection commemorates this new life that your loved one has entered into in a way that is both timeless and green.

Do the right thing for your loved one and for Mother Earth. Choose biodegradable urns or any of the green urnsfrom the Journey collection at