Infant Biodegradable Urns

Sometimes the transition into the next life can be difficult, and when it's the loss of a child, there seems to be no end to the challenge. If you've lost an infant, there can be peace again. You can find serenity and strength in knowing that your baby has transitioned into everlasting life and is now part of the world in ways you could have never even imagined. Let your baby go back to the heart of creation and the earth. Our biodegradable infant urns allow for you to make the journey possible.

Crafted with care out of fine mulberry papers or salt, these eco-friendly urns allow you to take your child to a final resting place so that he or she may become part of the earth once again. Whether you choose to bury these biodegradable pieces in a special place or set them free at sea, these infant urns will serve as moving and loving tributes to the life and love you shared.

Choose from a Salt Urn that dissolves in 4 hours, a Chest Biodegradable urn adorned with paper flowers, or a Unity Pastel urn made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. Other styles and colors available below.