Glenwood White Marble Urns

Choosing among the many available funeral urns can be a tiresome task at a difficult time. Consider a white marble urnfrom the Glenwood collection if you want something that is beautiful and unique that projects a feeling of warmth and hope. This collection includes a large urn, as well two keepsake urnoptions with a distinctive white finish that is marbled with black and gold.

Not only are these funeral urns unique in that each one is individually handcrafted, they are also quite stunning. When you think about your dearly departed loved one and feel their life and energy, this urn is ideal to reflect that sentiment and uphold their personality.

At, we endeavor to create and offer urns, such as this white marble urn, that are representative of the life that has passed, giving your loved one the grace and dignity they deserve for a life well lived.