Brushed Burgundy Plumb Urn Collection

If you’re looking for a beautiful and economical decorative urn these brushed burgundy alloy urns are a great choice. These decorative urns for ashes feature an elegant shape, and come in a variety of sizes. From small keepsake urns to large adult sized urns, we have options to suit any memorial needs. Each urn come in a soft velvet pouch to protect its finish, and small keepsake sized urns come in a heart shaped velvet box.

These metal cremation urns are perfect to commemorate the life and memory of a loved one and will provide a quality resting place for their remains. If a loved one has wishes of having their remains scattered in different locations that are special to them, multiple keepsake urns could be used to create the perfect memorial. If your intention is keep the urn in your home, these hand brushed alloy urns feature a felt bottom so they will not mark furniture or bookshelves. This makes them ideal for placement in your home so you can pay respect to a loved one any time of the day.