Brushed Alloy Series Urns

When honoring a loved one that has passed on, it’s only right to make sure their spirit has a beautiful place to call home. After a loved one has passed it can be overwhelming and stressful to make decisions. At we offer a large selection of metal cremation urns that are beautiful and easy to choose from.

Our keepsake urns for ashes come in elegant shapes and a variety of sizes. From small cremation urns to large adult sized urns, we have suitable options for any memorial needs. Our metal cremation urns come with a soft velvet pouch to protect the finish, and our small keepsake urns for ashes come in a beautiful heart shaped velvet box.

These brushed alloy cremation urns are perfect to memorialize the life and memory of a loved one who has passed. Choosing keepsake urns for ashes provides your loved one with a quality resting place for their remains.