Biodegradable Infant Scattering Urns

These biodegradable infant scattering urns provide a durable, dignified method to allow for a peaceful scattering with a removable lid that has a perforated tab beneath. When you have reached the location from which you will scatter your loved ones ashes, gently press upon the perforation to set the ashes free.

Choose from several different styles, some of which are an Ascending Dove an Ocean Sunset or a Bluebell forest. Other options are listed below.

While there is nothing that can take away the pain of losing a child, infant scattering urns are designed to help commemorate a life that was taken too soon, but will live on forever in the hearts of all who were blessed enough to know the infant. They are often chosen as an element of a scattering ceremony as they help to let the pain go with the wind. They are free of metal or plastic components and can be recycled, composted, or buried. Many choose to bury them at home and plant a garden on top, letting the earth help them heal from their loss with a beautiful, respectful place of reflection and remembrance.