Artisan Indigo Urns

The collection of Artisan Indigo urns from Urns.com feature beautiful metal urns that will graciously house the cremated remains of your beloved. Included in the collection are a large metal alloy urn, a smaller keepsake urn, and a heart-shaped keepsake.  Each brass piece in the collection has a varied blue painted finish with alloy finished trim for a unique and dignified look.

It’s difficult to say goodbye a loved one, but with our metal keepsake urns you can have a lasting memorial forever. Our lovely Artisan Indigo urns have been carefully crafted for a distinctive elegance that is sure to provide a lasting place of honor for your departed friend or family member.

When you purchase metal urns from Urns.com, you know that you’re getting only the finest quality ash containers and creating a lovely memorial that will be appreciated for years to come. Typically, items ship next day for your convenience during this difficult time.