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Biodegradable Urns Let You Cherish The Earth And Honor Your Loved Ones

Biodegradable Urns Let You Cherish The Earth And Honor Your Loved OnesBeing eco-conscious has gained a lot of popularity recently, and with good reason. Our earth is a precious resource that we should treasure, much like our loved ones. More than just a fad, it's up to us to protect the earth and preserve it for future generations. When it comes time to lay your loved ones to rest, there are options to help them fulfill their green lifestyle to the very end. There are a variety of biodegradable urns available that will help you prepare a meaningful and safe burial.

For The Ground
Traditional metal or wood urns tend to last for a very long time if buried. Newer biodegradable urns are made of lightweight and water soluble materials that will fade away in a matter of weeks or months, rather than centuries. Many are made out of paper and tree bark, and are inlaid with dried flowers. These urns have a quiet, elegant and earthy feel to them.

There are also urns that are carved out of salt. These biodegradable salt urns each have their own unique look due to their hand crafted nature. If these don't appeal, you could also choose a painted cornstarch urn. All of these choices can sit inside and will not degrade as long as you want to keep them around. When you are ready for burial, they will begin to decompose naturally in the earth.

For the Sea
A common last wish is to be buried at sea. For those who have spent their lives on or near the water, it can be like going home. Scattering ashes can be a difficult job, depending on the climate you live in, which is why we carry several underwater biodegradable urns. These urns are designed to float on the surface of the water for several minutes, before gracefully sinking to the bottom. Once they are underwater, they quickly come apart and allow your loved one's ashes to scatter. There are several styles available, including beautiful sea shell shaped urns.

All of these biodegradable urns come with water soluble plastic bags so that the entire piece will degrade naturally and with minimal impact. They make a touching tribute to any family member or friend.

Thank you so much. I love the urn. My father, who was 97, said the happiest he ever was was when he was in a boat, on a lake, fishing. So when I saw this urn I knew it was ... read more

- Mary Ellen

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