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Wood Urns

Losing a loved one is a difficult time in your life and a very painful experience. Thankfully, wooden urns provide you with a great way to honor, cherish and remember your loved one while keeping them close by. You’re bound to find the perfect urn for your loved one in the large selection of wooden urns at Urns.com.

At Urns.com we have wooden cremation urns for a variety of hobbies and occupations.

  • Honor the firefighter, police officer or paramedic you know and love with a wooden urn, which features the emblem of each specific career.
  • If the best times spent with your loved one were out on the lake fishing in a boat, relive those memories with a fisherman or fisherwoman wood urn.
  • They lived on the wild side of life, riding off into the sunset on their motorcycle. If their motorcycle was always by their side in life, it only makes sense that you honor them with one of our motorcycle wood urns.

Our collection of beautiful wooden urns includes hand carved urns, hand painted urns, wooden urns that are inlaid and etched and many other beautiful wood urns. Create a unique and honorable resting place for someone you love who has passed away with a handcrafted wooden urn from Urns.com.

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