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Urns.com Guide To Urn Size

Urns.com Guide To Urn Size

Choosing the right urn can be difficult enough without considering urn size. In fact, urn size is a factor that, while very important to a family’s choice of a memorial, might be overlooked. Because we are all different shapes and sizes, it’s not uncommon for the holding capacity of an urn to be a consideration in a family’s plans. Here are some rules of thumb for you to consider when thinking about the proper size for an urn.

Generally, one pound of body weight is equivalent to just under one cubic inch of cremains. On average, every 100 pounds will equal approximately 90 cubic inches.

100 lbs – 90 cu. in.
150 lbs – 135 cu. in.
200 lbs – 180 cu. in.
260 lbs – 225 cu. in.
300 lbs – 270 cu. in.

Many individual urns have a capacity of 200 to 300 cubic inches. All of the urns available from Urns.com have the size capacity listed in the item’s product description.

People who weigh more than 300 pounds may not be able to be accommodated by an individual urn. However, in those cases, a companion urn is able to hold up to 600 cubic inches of cremains.

Urn Size For Pet Urns

As with humans, you should approximate the size of your pet urn based on the 1 pound = 1 cubic inch standard. Many pet urns are available in small or large sizes – small is ideal for cats, other small pets, and small or medium dogs (under 40 pounds), while large pet urns are suited for larger dog breeds.

For more specific measurement of cremains, consult with the staff at the crematorium. For questions about our urn sizes, contact Urns.com customer service.

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