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Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry

Hold your loved one close to your heart with cremation jewelry from Urns.com. We have many different designs including hearts, wildlife, nature, and filigrees. Our breathtaking cremation jewelry is made from several materials, including stainless steel, crystal, gold, silver, wood, or glass. Choose your cremation jewelry from some of our unique collections.

  • The Glass Cremation Jewelry Collection features stunning cremation jewelry pendants in creative designs, including Pink Ribbon Keepsake, Rainbow Keepsake Urns, Flower Bouquet, and many more.
  • The Teardrop collection of cremation jewelry provides you with an elegant way to keep your loved one close by and their memory alive. These wonderful teardrop cremation jewelry pendants are available in silver gold, brushed brass, brushed pewter, silver and bronze.
  • Bring your loved one close to nature with cremation jewelry from our Nature Collection. This collection features beautiful nature-inspired cremation jewelry, such as a butterfly, acorn, rose, paw print, turtle and other animal and nature-inspired designs.

We even have pet cremation jewelry that will help you keep the memory of your pet alive. At Urns.com you’ll find the perfect cremation jewelry to help you remember your loved one, while holding them close to your heart.

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